SO-IL Service, Inc

Salford Harrows


Helps break down and distribute residue evenly. Excellent soil fracturing and mixing tool. The roller penetrates 1 Yi' to 2' deep. Crumbles soil lumps, incorporating, firming, and placing finer soil in the seed bed area and coarser soil at the top providing the best germination possible.

  • Main frame dual transport wheels, rear mounted
  • Single wing wheel
  • All adjustable axle mounts
  • 4000 lb wheel hubs
  • SMV, safety chain
  • Telescopic tongue
  • 3'x5' Mainframe tubing
  • Choose from single or double pivoting clevis hitch
  • Front tongue jack
  • Adjustable hitch leveling
  • Hydraulic coupler storage
  • Fine adjust single point depth control
  • 11Lxl5' 8 ply tires

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