- Bagpress Machine



Designed to Perform, Built to Last The Samco Bagpress is a cost effective on farm storage. Different feeds can be mixed and bagged. The air tight environment creates the perfect conditions for the fermentation process to occur giving you the best quality silage possible. The small face on the bag reduces the risk of silage loss as it is less exposed to oxygen than a traditional type pit or clamp system. With the Samco Bag Press you can feed out using either the front end loader bucket or else it can be self-fed. The Samco BagPress has the capacity to pack up to 120 tonne per hour depending on forage type and model of tractor.

  • Patented Paddle Brake System

  • Heavy Duty Chain

  • Hydraulically driven top agitator

  • Heavy Duty PTO

  • Samco bags are marked with two guidelines

  • 1.5, 2 and 2.4 meter diameter bags are available

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