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Thinning harvesters work in young, dense forest. The design of the Sampo-Rosenlew harvester is underpinned by its suitability for thinning operations. The four-wheel, frame-steered harvester moves with excellent fluidity. Thanks to its powerful hydraulic traction motors and high-articulation cardan joint assembly, the unit can handle even the toughest terrain with ease.The 1046pro is designed to be both nimble and gentle in first thinning operations. The light machine will not damage the roots of remaining stock in the same way as heavy-duty forest machines can. The harvester has all the right dimensions, including weight and gauge, to guarantee frame stability during thinning. The unit’s high tyre footprint also reduces contact stress. Retention trees are left in a healthy, undamaged condition, ensuring future profitability.

Why Sampo Rosenlew?


When forest is managed, the goal is usually to maximize the production of wood, in terms of quantity and quality. This is also the aim of all the harvesting activities which fall into two categories:

Harvesting for growth which includes thinning.
Final harvesting where the aim is to create a new generation of trees to replace the old ones.

The purpose of thinning is to concentrate the production capacity of the forest soil - and wood growth - on certain individual trees.The goal is to produce big trees with good technical quality. The entire space should grow a dense, even and healthy forest.

The machines should be technically suitable, keeping in mind the aim in each harvesting operation. Consequently, in thinning when a densely growing forest must be left undamaged, the machines should be relatively small, maneuverable and suitable to operate in sections of forest without harming the remaining trees.The area used for strip roads where the machinery moves has to be minimized since as much space as possible should be left for the trees to grow.

The above mentioned facts result in the conclusion that the Sampo Rosenlew machinery is a superior alternative to be used in thinning operations.

In thinning, like in every phase of wood production, the costs should be minimized. However, this must not weaken the effect of these operations i.e. their efficiency and quality.

The cost of mechanized harvesting can be roughly divided in three groups.

The capital cost that depends on the purchase price of the equipment.
Personnel costs consisting of wages with their side costs.
Other running costs such as fuel and lubricants for the machines as well as service, transport, insurances and other miscellaneous costs.

The capital cost can be affected by choosing the most inexpensive alternative of the functioning machines available. Little can be done about the personnel costs with technical solutions. Other running costs can be reduced by choosing the most economical alternative of what is available.

Since the Sampo Rosenlew thinning harvesters have proved to be reliable, extremely price competitive and fuel efficient, they are the best solution to thinning.

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