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The high-performance Sampo-Rosenlew 1066 is not only nimble, but also a strong and efficient log handler. This semi-heavy duty harvester is designed for thinning, but it can also handle final cutting with ease. By increasing the wheel spec, a three-metre width can be achieved, and the service weight can be increased from 13 tonnes up to 16 tonnes. Thanks to its low centre of gravity, the 1066 turns into a stable log handler with a higher dead load. The SR1066 harvester can also be fitted with an automatic cab stabiliser system to maintain cab balance when the machine is tilted.


A thinning harvester operates in young sections of forest. In the development of the Sampo Rosenlew harvesters it is the feasibility for thinning that plays a major role. The four-wheel articulated harvester moves swiftly. Articulated steering, a short wheel base and a big turning angle enable an amazingly small turning radius and excellent maneuverability. The SR1066 is not only maneuverable but also strong and efficient when handling wood. The harvester is dimensioned for thinning but can, to some extent, cope with final cutting, too. Tyre width can be chosen between 600 and 700 mm.


As the source of power we use a 66ETA diesel manufactured by the Agco Power company in Finland with decades of experience. Minimal fuel consumption together with long service intervals guarantee that this low-emission engine is inexpensive to use. The 125 kW diesel engine has high torque within the very rpm where it mostly operates. The noise level is low in these engines well known for their durability.

The transmission pump produces pressurized oil to drive the motors. The front wheels are powered by a gearbox via reducer gears. The gearbox is run by a hydraulic motor. Both the rear wheels have a separate hydraulic motor and a reducer gear. They are powered by the working hydraulic pump. Driving speed depends on the speed range, engine rpm and the position of the drive pedal. There is a mechanical differential lock for the front wheels and a corresponding hydraulic lock for the rear wheels.

The Sampo Rosenlew factory also manufactures the spacious, silent cab which helps the operator to work efficiently. From the SR1066cab it is easy to see the tree tops, which is a requirement for the correct choosing of trees to be harvested. The cab can be equipped with a stabilizing system to keep the cab horizontal on any terrain. The cab features many details that make it easier for the operator to work and feel more comfortable.

The SR1066 harvester has a crane that can be tilted by cylinder steering in the front-rear direction. The tilt function makes it easier to work on slopes and on rough terrain. By the tilt plate the crane can be kept horizontal in the front-rear direction. This helps in picking the trees and saves the crane and harvesting head from extreme stress thus making their life spans longer. The low structure of the crane also improves stability sideways and visibility towards the trees to be felled. The SR1066 crane can reach 9.5-10.5 meters depending on the model.


We only use high-quality heads manufactured by reputable partners. The brands are Kesla, Keto and Waratah. In thinning the head must be small and designed to be easy to bring to the stem to be felled without harming the remaining trees. The type of head is chosen to meet the practical needs. For example, for energy wood harvesting there is equipment built especially for this purpose and different adaptations of a standard head.

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