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Sampo-Rosenlew has responded to customer demands by designing the FR28 forwarder, which is suited for thinning operations. This 10-tonne load bearing forwarder is designed to complement our harvesters.  With its low dead load and high steering angle, the F28 is a nimble machine for efficiently transporting timber from stump to roadside.

The FR28 forwarder is mainly used in young sections of forest kept rather dense. This requires that the forwarder, too, is of suitable size. The small dimensions together with articulated steering that turns 45 degrees make the FR28 forwarder very maneuverable. The bottom is even and flat also below the engine. The spacious lower chassis allows the use of 900 mm tracks. The loading space length may alter between 4.0 and 4.6 metres.


As the source of power we use a 3A phase 49AWI common rail diesel manufactured by the Agco Power company in Finland with decades of experience. Minimal fuel consumption together with long service intervals guarantee that this low-emission engine is inexpensive to use. This diesel provides 107 kW and 600 Nm (1500 rpm) torque.

The FR28 forwarder is equipped with hydrostatic-mechanical transmission.The drive pump runs a mechanical gearbox through a hydraulic pump. The transmission axles then divide the traction force to the front and rear bogies. The traction can be locked between the front and rear as well as between the left and right side of each bogie. The total traction force of the bogie axles is 13 tons.

The Sampo Rosenlew factory also manufactures the spacious, silent cab which helps the operator to work efficiently. The cab meets the official safety standards and is specially designed to be used in dense thinning forest when the remaining trees must be left unharmed. The cab features many details that make it easier for the operator to work and feel more comfortable. There is, for example, a refrigerated lunchbox and a switch to open the engine hood with an electric motor.

The FR28 forwarder has a 10-metre reach crane specially designed for thinning operations. The low construction of the crane improves the sideways stability and visibility. As standard there is also a weighing scale, not only to control harvesting but also to prevent harmful overloading.

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