- Model PG 15 - Slurry Tanker



The slurry tanker can be adjusted according to individual needs, because SAMSON’s full product line includes a series of accessories and extra equipment. SAMSON manufactures different drip hose systems with a working width of 12-30 m, injectors for grain and grass or black soil. This ensures a product with a perfect cooperation between the tanker and the tools, as tanker, tools, and computer are optimised for using together. As standard, PG has the SAMSON SlurryMaster 6000 dosing computer which can control all hydraulic functions and tools mounted on the tanker. The slurry tanker is mounted with a series of standard equipment and can be supplied with a fully hydraulic pump tower, electronic wheel control and a fully hydraulic system.   

PGII Slurry Tankers
The SAMSON slurry tankers are available in sizes  27m  , 31m    and 35m   . It is a high capacity slurry tanker for use mainly in the field. Not to drive on public road.

SG Slurry Tankers
SAMSON's SG slurry tanker has a 'swan neck' in stead of an ordinary drawbar. The SG slurry tanker is
available in a 23m   and a 28m   version and comes with a series of standard equipment. The construction of the tanker enables the best possible weight distribution between the tractor and the tanker.

PGV Slurry Tankers
The new PGV slurry tanker has a unique combination of vacuum and centrifugal pumping providing optimal flexibility and capacity. Three different loading options makes it possible to load all types of fluids from all kinds of containment facilities.

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