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Sand Saver Plus Mats



Sand Saver Plus, sand mats designed to reduce maintenance, sand loss, and sand laden slurry for storage and handling. Testimonial: Jeremy and Ruth Payne, 140 Holsteins, Church House Farm, Newport. 'We were concerned with the amount of time it was taking to maintain the beds with the correct amount of sand, it was just not getting bedded as regular as we would have liked, therefore the dimensions for the cubicles to be able to perform at their best were fluctuating. We decided to try some Sand Saver Plus mats, after only a few days it was obvious to see the difference between the matted and the sand only beds, on the SS+ beds there is very little discrepancy in the dimensions between sand and cubicle between bedding days, the beds are cleaner, we're reducing sand usage by 50%, plus by reducing the amount of sand in the slurry, we are able to think about automatic scraping to save even more time.'

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