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Sanicleanse System


The award-winning Teat Sanicleanse Teat Scrubber provides a reliable process in which the cows teats are washed, sanitised, dried and stimulated in quick time, every time. A process lasting up to 10 seconds per cow.


The system has three rotating brushes. The upper two are counter rotating which wash, sanitise and massage the external surfaces of the teats and the base of the udder with warm water and santiser. At the same time, the third larger brush completes the same operation at the tip of the teats. The whole system is manually operated moving from cow to cow on a stainless steel wire up and down the full length of the parlour above head height.

Improved teat condition and cow health
  • Third larger, bottom brush accommodates for all teat lengths including shorter heifer teats.
  • The correct chemical used in the system leads to healthier cows and softer teats.
  • Reduction in somatic cell count and mastitis cases related to healthier cows.
Consistent cleaning
  • Each cow is prepared equally as the milking routine is the same for every cow, every day.
Time saving
  • The dairy farmer is able to milk more cows per hour due to the stimulation provided by the teat scrubber.
  • The short prep required by the teat scrubber means the pre-milking routine can be speeded up significantly. 
Cost saving
  • Eliminating alternative pre-milking prep leads to cost savings against, paper towels, medicated wipes and laundry towels etc. 
Less cross contamination
  • The sanicleanse concentrate sanitiser has shown to control a wide range of bacteria. We are also able to install the brush flush system alongside the equipment which injects a small adjustable amount of peracetic acid (5% onto the brush) alongside the sanicleanse sanitiser to aid in controlling cross contamination.
Superior stimulation
  • The brushes rotate at the optimum speed for peak stimulation.
  • With the aid of warm water the stimulation of the cow is also increased.
Operator's hands stay clean
  • Disposal of used material used in alternative pre-milking preps is eliminated therefore hands are kept cleaner.
Return on investment
  • Eliminating alternative pre-milking preps where costs are involved in paper towels, medicate wipes, laundry towel costs etc.
  • Lowered somatic cell count and mastitis cases lead to better quality milk being produced.
  • Chemical usage is also lowered as the teat scrubber only requires minimal amounts to complete its routine.

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