- Model 12.0 - Microbiocide



SaniDate 12.0 is a high strength, 12% Peracetic Acid-based alternative to chlorine treatments in irrigation waters. Use SaniDate 12.0 to control water-borne pathogens and prevent the spread of disease among crops in the field. The highly concentrated formula guarantees economical dilution rates.  SaniDate 12.0 will control algae, bacteria, fungi, and plant pathogenic organisms in  drip/trickle irrigation systems, center pivot, lateral move, end tow, side wheel roll, traveler, solid set/overhead sprinklers, hand move or flood basin irrigation systems.

  • No off-gas
  • Liquefies organic deposits & build-up in drip lines
  • Effective on algae, bacteria, fungi, and more

SaniDate 12.0 is available in 30, 55, 275 gallon containers

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