Big Dutchman

- 4,5 Hygienic Nipple without Drip Cup



During the development of SaniStar® 4.5 with a passage rate of 50 to 55 ml/min*, we attached great importance to good hygiene.

Summarised, this means:

  • reliable valve water is dispensed according to demand and without spilling or leaking;
  • the saddle is welded onto the square nipple tube the inner plug-in and fixation mechanism ensures maximum housing hygiene and does not create any crevices for dirt deposits;
  • precise valve pin with 4.5 mm diameter and sharp-edged cut larger water drops adhere to the pin, allowing the birds to take in water easily;
  • utilisation of high-quality materials (stainless steel and special synthetic material) long service life.

  • smooth outside surface without corners and edges maximum hygiene;
  • 100 % vertical orientation and optimum resetting features dry litter;
  • easy horizontal and vertical activation of the valve pin optimum water intake even for day-old birds;
  • vertical activation of the valve pin super-proportional increase of passage rate, also suitable for larger birds;
  • double-sealed surface high operational reliability.

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