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The Savannah ALD series ist a compact, inexpensive ALD system for flexible R&D work. It´s ease-of-use enables scientist worldwide to develop new ALD processes for advanced applications. Savannah ALD systems are recognized for superior film quality. Such precise control is the result of meticulous design and experience that can only come from knowledgable ALD experts.

Savannah systems provide digital control of thin films which grow one layer at a time and can be controlled to accurate thicknesses.

Two deposition modes allow precise control of your films from the nano scale to the micro scale. The unique Exposure Mode™, combined with a proprietary precursor delivery system and precise temperature control, enables conformal film growth on ultra-high aspect ratio features (greater than 2000:1).

The Continuous Mode enables the rapid growth of perfectly dense, uniform, and conformal films. Individually precise control of precursor line temperature gives the flexibility to use solid, liquid, or   gaseous precursors.

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