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- Model U 504 - 001 - One Way Plows



Savannah ‘One Way’ Plows represent a new era of Heavy Duty Stump-JumpTM Plows used in the world’s most challenging land applications to provide consistent high quality tillage at a depth of 30cm or more while working through heavy suckers and tussocks, gorze, brigelow, mesquite, and cactus. These plows provide exceptional productivity and come in 10-20 disk models for maximum tillage and productivity with minimal maintenance. The ‘One Way’ plows are ideal contractor’s machine, for maintenance of grazing properties or rehabilitates the toughest sites with the most productive results available.

Four disk one-way plow designed to attach to the >200 hp Skidder or 150-200 hp dozers.  It is fitted with hydraulic release, Stump Jump™ arms and can be fitted with optional 38-42 inch disks when available. For inverting and burying mill sludge and other wastes.

  • Level-lift hitch kit or mounts to the ripper beam of the bull dozer.
  • A 48' Draft Coulter formed out of AR400 steel aligns the plow during operation to minimize side thrust for improved steering and row layout.
  • Standardly equipped with 36' disks capable of providing 14inch deep tillage.
  • Comes standard outfitted with a mounting hardware to attach to fit CAT III hitch arrangements.
  • Width of Cut: 1.9 m wide Avg. Weight:   3200 kg
  • Avg. Weight:   3460 kg

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