- Model 550D Smart Eco - Hand Dryer



The unique SAVORTEX EcoCurve™ 550D smart dryer records real-time energy usage and washroom footfall then wirelessly reports the data to our SAVORTEX Intelligent Data online portal. The data intelligence gathered maps trends and identifies hidden risks such as cost and waste in washroom facilities which allows for collaboration and cross-functional continuous conversations between stakeholders. It also alerts cleaners to busy washrooms when thresholds are reached for improved hygiene and resource efficiency. Now that’s smart!

Introducing the revolutionary SAVORTEX Intelligent Data Portal
One open transparent platform, connecting your EcoCurve™ Smart dryers to the internet, harvesting data, creating actionable intelligence for improved energy management, hygiene, resource efficiency and profitability in your washrooms.

  • Real-time energy usage and washroom footfall reporting
  • Set wireless cleaning alerts for timely washroom inspections based on actual footfall
  • Actionable data intelligence presented in a user friendly way
  • Identify developing trends and hidden risks such as cost and waste
  • Meet and maintain ISO14001, BREEAM and LEED compliance and Carbon Reduction targets
  • Improved hygiene, energy, waste and cost management
  • Enhance washroom sustainability and profitability

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