- Model SB 900 - Grain Moisture Tester


Fred Stein, known as the father of the industry, invented the original grain moisture tester in 1931. The basic technology devised by Mr. Stein over seventy years ago is still used in dielectric testers manufactured and distributed in the world today. Steinlite was the first grain moisture tester and after supplying tens of thousands of machines to users in all fifty states and nearly one hundred foreign countries, the company continues to lead the industry in quality, accuracy, dependability and customer service. Using computer technology, the Steinlite SB900 moisture tester provides fast and accurate results in the most comphrensive tester yet developed. The best part is that moisture testers have never been easier to use than the SB900.

  • select from Steinlite's extensive collection of over 500 calibrations
  • customized calibrations can be made available by contacting the Steinlite Corporation
  • the SB900 can test for a wide variety of commodities such as cottonseed, vegetable seeds, coffee beans, nuts, processed products, grass asn forage seeds
  • can interface by way of serial port with almost any computer
  • automatically corrects for entered test weights
  • easy to read LCD and LED displays
  • automatic temperature correction
  • calibrated to USDA basic oven standards
  • sturdy design to withstand all but the harshest misuse

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