- Automatically Steer


Finally concentrate on the operation rather than on the steering. SBGuidance AUTO will steer your tractor or implement, tirelessly and with unprecedented precision via RTK-DGPS. While adjusting the planting distance of your potato planter, SBGuidance AUTO will maintain a perfect row spacing and remind you that the next pass is a tramline. Especially when time is critical, SBGuidance helps man and machine to perform optimally.


The system consists of robust SBGuidance components that have been proven under severe conditions. Brand independent and compatible with any type of tractor or self-propelled vehicle. The steering is fully integrated into the vehicle. Exchange between vehicles is easy. Only the Viper 4 display and the GPS antenna must be transferred – no calibrating or change of settings is needed. Using the GPS on multiple vehicles allows a rapid return on investment.

SBGuidance AUTO is fully compatible with factory-installed GPS-ready systems such as all John Deere AutoTrac Ready tractors, AGCO Auto Guide/Varioguide, Claas Autopilot, New Holland Intellisteer and CASE Accuguide. This way SBGuidance can be used for both the newly purchased tractor and for the existing machinery already on the farm.

Steering with heavy front-mounted implements is often challenging. SBGuidance does this job like no one; The specially modified software ensures that the smallest error will immediately be corrected.


Universal hydraulic valveblock
The universal hydraulic valve block is equipped with an accurate proportional valve and is suitable for both Open Centre as well as for Load Sensing hydraulic systems.

Steer Angle Sensor
A contactless steer angle sensor ensures troublefree and accurate measurement. Especially under difficult conditions such as crabbing or operating with front hitched implements the steering outperforms systems lacking this sensor.

The DynamIQ, the newly developed 3D electronic terrain compensation module determines its orientation thanks to 3 gyro’s and 5 other sensors with unprecedented accuracy. The DynamIQ always stays with the vehicle or implement.

CAN-bus system
The various components communicate through the proven, flexible CAN bus system. This ensures that SBGuidance AUTO is easily expandable to implement steering or SmartSwitch section control.

  • Automatically steer from a speed of 36 m / hour to 30 km/hour
  • Transfer is easy: only display and G3-antenna are moved between vehicles
  • Perfect steering behaviour; also in reverse, in curves or even with heavy front implements

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