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Perfect for on-farm applications and small silos, SCAFCO's farm bins and silos range from 12' to 48' (3.66 m to 14.63 m) in diameter. Our steel sheets are pre-punched in a single-stroke operation assuring accurate hole alignment and uniform fit. In addition, SCAFCO's unique 42 and 2/3' (1.08 m) galvanized steel sheets have a 2 and 2/3' pitch and 1/2' (67.7 mm x 12.7 mm) deep corrugation, making them substantially stronger than the competitors' standard 4' (102 mm) pitch corrugation.

Walk-in Doors

Available on all farm silos up to 48' (14.63 M) diameter and 32' (9.76 M) eave height, SCAFCO's walk-in door opens up to 28' x 60' (710 mm x 1524 mm). The design includes a welded frame, reinforced outer door panel, and three-hinged inner flaps with positive locking bars. The door bolts into place easily with corrugated welded door jambs. A heavy-duty version is also available for all commercial silos.

High-Strength Bolts

While other silo manufacturers use zinc dichromate bolts that can only withstand a minimum of 108 hours to red rust in tests, all SCAFCO grain silos are furnished with heat-treated SAE grade 8.2 (DIN 10.9) bolts and JS1000 plating that will meet a minimum of 1000 hours to red rust in salt spray tests.

Cap and Rib Roof Panels

Our design enables roof systems to bolt together rapidly in the field with each roof panel securely fastened to wall panels using steel clips. SCAFCO's one piece, deep-rib roof panels provide outstanding load-carrying characteristics, which makes them ideal for locations with heavy snow and ice loads and other extreme weather conditions. The roofs have weather-tight closure and either 24 or 36 roof panels depending upon silo diameter. Heavy-duty 3 and 1/4' (82 mm) high box-ribs provide strength and rigidity for each roof panel.

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