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- Hopper Bottom Bins & Silos



SCAFCO hopper-bottom bin/silos offer the advantages of complete bin and silo cleanout and lower material handling costs. Our sturdy design and quality materials, including SCAFCO's standard 2 2/3' (67 mm) pitch corrugated steel wall sheets, make our product stronger and more durable than ordinary hopper bins/silos. SCAFCO can also use its wide range of features and options to custom-create bins and silos tailored to your needs.


SCAFCO supplies hopper-bottom bins/silos from three tons to over 1,000 tons capacity in a wide variety of sizes. SCAFCO also supplies structural supports to elevate bins and silos above rail sidings or truck driveways for rapid loading of railcars or trucks. Hopper-bottom bins and silos can store any free-flowing commodity from feed, seed, and plastic pellets to certain mineral supplements.

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