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Field phenotyping plant dynamics with high sampling frequency and  greenhouse accuracy. Field phenotyping is the most reliable method to assess agricultural important traits for field crops. ScanalyzerField automatically acquires growth, morphology and physiology measures on the field, where the plants you are screening will finally have to perform. In the market of image-based, non-destructive measurement systems, ScanalyzerField follows an approach no other solution has: Phenotyping plant dynamics with high sampling frequency and greenhouse accuracy.


LemnaTec high content phenotypic screening results in detailed measures for a huge set of result parameters, analysis and reporting. High sampling frequencies record precisely what the plants do and when they do it. ScanalyzerFiled is an assiduous observer at the plants' real growth site and accomplishes tasks scientist often use to translocate to greenhouses where growth conditions are simulated.

ScanalyzerField monitors diurnal plant reactions in a natural context and gathers data about accompanied environmental factors.

Precision Robotics and Sensors

LemnaTec ScanalyzerField has a unique robotic sensor arm with multiple overhead cameras for precise and reproducible movement. Side view cameras are mounted on a robotic arm for vertical movement. Optional sensors (CO2, humidity, wind, light, temperature) constantly monitor the environment and add data to the image analysis results.

Sensors include:

  • Visible light (RGB imaging) for colour and morphology analysis
  • Near infrared and extended VNIR for water content imaging
  • Infrared for heat imaging
  • Multispectral imaging for physiology analysis
  • Fluorescence intensity imaging
  • Height profiling by laser scan 
  • NDVI sensor for nitrogen content assessment
  • Carbon Dioxide sensor
  • Temperature
  • Light (diurnal variation)
  • Wind
  • Precipitation

High Content Data Acquisition

Sporadic visual inspections and the use of portable sampling devices are still up to date for yield prediction in agricultural production. But for precision breeding and for the identification of traits in plant development, observing the whole life cycle of large numbers of plants on the field is the silver bullet. ScanalyzerField does exactly that and combines it with a complete documentation of measured growth factors, including irradiation and CO2 concentration. 


LemnaTec developed the ScanalyzerField Discovery Platform to perform all work steps from imaging settings to data acquisition, data analysis and data management. Therefore LemnaTec field phenotyping does not compete with remote sensing, nor with individual plant testing. It combines high-throughput plant phenomics with field-based measures.

ScanalyzerField is the only comprehensive system that:

  • observes large outdoor areas in high content screening mode,
  • runs phenotypic screenings completely autonomously,
  • works 24/7 (night and day) with high temporal resolution,
  • produces high resolution images,
  • brings with it different illumination options,
  • is equipped with a wide range of sensors and cameras,
  • analysis separately any given size and number of sample plots in its range,
  • deduces a large set of phenotypic trait parameters from colour and morphology information in images,
  • and produces numeric data output instantly and automatically. 

Fields of Application

ScanalyzerField offers superb precision, accuracy, resolution and predictive capabilities for research in:

  • Small plots for pre-breeding
  • Development of fine-tuned crop models
  • Highly dynamic plant stress testing such as drought stress
  • High resolution phenotyping (also to reference for remote sensing)
  • Growth assessment
  • Crop physiology
  • Climate change impact assessment
  • Water use efficiency / soil water content / water logging
  • Quantitative Trait Locus analysis (QTL)

Quality Engineering for Field Conditions

Compared to greenhouse and growth room phenotyping equipment, outdoor measurement systems have to cope with the variability of environmental conditions in the field. Field conditions require best system durability and, above all, a wide operating range to image under dynamic light quality conditions.

Meteorological data and weather alerts can also be received via internet connection. Thus the system can autonomously protect itself from sever weather by moving to its save rest position.

Two constructional layout options are at hand for the ScanalyzerField.

For long fields on even ground a portal bridge crane system on rails is available. Several hundred square meters can be covered. A platform is moved with high precision to all positions. Large numbers of sensors, cameras and scanners can be carried.

The Field Gantry layout uses a rack with a bridge and a mono-rail car. A movable arm is attached to the platform to lower a camera for side view images. This solution is applicable almost anywhere and can cover rectangular fields of many different sizes.

Both ScanalyzerField constructions are customisable. The following maximum setup dimensions facilitate digital phenotyping of all crops, small trees and plants in specialized containers:

  • width up to 10 m
  • length limited by the daily scan duration only
  • height up to 4.5 m camera height above ground
  • VIS image size about 1.5 sqm at 1.8 m camera height

Integrated Software Solution

ScanalyzerField is contolled by the LemnaLauncher software suite that runs all LemnaTec systems (ScanalyzerPL, ScanalyzerHTS and Scanalyzer3D platforms). All software and hardware components access the same database. Images are saved with their analysis results and measurements from environmental sensors. Additionally acquired results or data can easily be associated with monitored plants. This could be genomic specification data, results from leaf disc sampling or from preceding seed quality control in a ScanalyzerHTS.

Researchers and breeders benefit from the possibility to integrate studies on different levels in a phenotyping chain. The LemnaTec Scanalyzer suite for all demands feeds all these results to the same database.

  • High Content Germplasm Screening
  • Seed & Seedling Quality Control
  • High Throughput Testing for QTLs in Greenhouses or Growth Rooms
  • Confirmation with digital Field Phentoyping

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