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Bench top systems for lower throughput requirements and the budget conscious. Maintaining LemnaTecs core system flexibility coupled with the delivery of precision data addressing research needs. For all low-throughput applications with manual sample exchange, the Scanalyzer combines compact design and reproducible imaging techniques with the comprehensive control of the LemnaLauncher software. Test containers ranging from beakers for ecotoxicity to trays with plants, smaller plants in pots or even highly reflective samples. Depending on the test purpose, 1 or 2 imaging sensors can be mounted. The bench top platform is available with different back and top light modules. Results may be managed – as with all other Scanalyzer systems – on database servers or even in a small database on the same computer.

Scanalyzer Discovery Platform- Flexibility Matching Diverse Research Requirements

Choose the hardware configuration to suit your research needs and budget

  • 5 different sensor technologies depending on application 
  • A huge range of experimental vessels can be used- from petri dishes, multi-well plates, plant trays to small pots
  • Non-destructive plant phenotyping to calculate growth rates, biomass, QTLs, plant architecture
  • Abiotic stress testing such as drought tolerance, waterlogging, water use efficiency and other areas of plant phenomics
  • Leaf disk assays, fungi, insects or small aquatic/terrestrial organisms such as mosquito larvae or nematodes
  • Temporal or spatial studies including mortality and morbidity measurements
  • Customised solutions for use in or side-by-side to controlled environments such as plant growth chambers and plant growth rooms
  • Choose from specific illumination strategies  and optic configurations
  • Bar-code reading
  • Choice of ICT structure and database management systems
  • Scalable computational power covering all throughput and data amounts
  • Immediate linking of all images to experimental data
  • Flexible and automatic extraction of a wide range of test parameters across a huge-range of test models
  • Freedom for easy data export to any 3rd part software
Measured parameters for Plant Phenotyping - Plant Phenomics Various parameters for plant phenotyping can be derived from the images aquired with all Scanalyzer Platforms. These parameters can be used to create a digital phenotype and are highly correlated to bilogical traits such as: Leaf area, Chlorophyll content, Stem diameter, Plant height / width, Growth rate, Stress pigment concentration, Tip burn, Biomass, Internodal length, Color, Leaf rolling, Plant Architecture and many more...

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