Kennametal Inc.

Scarifier Blades



Our scarifier blades penetrate hard-packed, frozen, and gravel surfaces with less down pressure and horsepower than standard grader blades. And, they do it in fewer passes.These blades have individual replaceable, rotating, self-sharpening tools. Our solid carbide tipped tools wear evenly, so blades last longer than all-steel blades.

  • Eliminate “washboard” effect and pot holes with fewer passes
  • Get even cutting height because cutting tools rotate from position to position
  • Quickly change individual cutting bits in minutes without special tooling
  • No need to replace entire blade sections and bolts. Change only the cutting bits.
  • Maintain road surfaces with fewer passes
  • Carbide-tipped scarifier blades last longer than all-steel blades
  • Severe-duty scarifier blades available for extreme conditions

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