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Schauer has been developing and distributing automatic liquid feeding plants for more than 40 years. But it is only recently, with the development of a completely new tank concept, the 'Easy Diamond', that Schauer has created a real star of a system that sets new standards in feeding hygiene. Many years of international experience and knowledge of the needs of large and small-scale pig farmers have enabled Schauer to create solutions that meet the requirements for phased feeding as well as for overall plant hygiene - from the mixing-in tank to the outlets at the feeding places – there are no lazy compromises. Liquid feeding makes it easier to avoid losses of feed and permits the use of low-cost feed and by-products. This allows a saving of up to 10% on feed costs.

  • Feed costs up to 10% lower due to better utilisation of feed, lower feed losses at the trough compared to dry feed.
  • Best feeding hygiene of Liquimix liquid feed with the new Easy Diamond tank concept, which does away with dirty corners due to its special construction.
  • 40 years of experience with liquid feeding systems guarantees the highest functionality in multiphase feeding with the best feeding hygiene and reliability in daily operation.

  1. All feed componentsavailable on the marketcan be used, regardless of whether they are dry or liquid. Liquid feed is the only way to feed automatically with low-cost by-products from the foodstuff industry such as whey, brewers' grains, etc. Problem-free use of floury feed; expensive pelletting of the feed is not necessary.
  2. Possibility of multiphase feeding. Possible to feed each group or feeding place according to an individual formula. Stepless, daily blending of ready-made feed mixtures or mixtures of any desired formula of single components is also possible. For operations that perform their own mixing, this feed is substantially cheaper because no separate feed mixing plant is necessary for smaller systems.
  3. In the case of larger animal stocks in different buildings, it is substantially simpler to set upa feed control roomwith auxiliary feed kitchens in individual halls. This plays an important role not only from a hygiene standpoint but also as regards profitability. Central feed silos save costs. Long feed routes can be bridged without any problems.
  4. Less dustdue to liquid feed and thus healthier for people and animals.
  5. Possibility of heating up the feed soup in winterusinghot waterimproves the feed intake, feed utilisation and daily increases.
  6. Better digestibility of the liquid feeddue to activation of feed enzymes (phytase, xylanase, glucanase) - leading to better feed utilisation.
  7. Improvement of feed and water intake in nursing sowsraises milk production – maintains the condition of the sows and higher weaning weights.
  8. Optimal computer-based feed management.All feed consumption data are updated on a daily basis, corrections can be made in the feeding strategy (feed curves) at any time.
  9. Substantial saving of labour timedue to daily automatic adaptation of the feed quantities (adjustment of automatic feeding machines and volume measure pourer unnecessary).
  10. Improvement of profitability. Liquimix liquid feeding helps to fully utilise the biological performance potential and substantially reduces the feed costs by up to 10% due to better feed utilisation and reduction of feed losses than with dry feed. (Source: Pig progress 2009, John Gadd)

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