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SCHAUMEXX foam blocker is used for the preparation of crop protection spray liquids. The required quantity depends on the intensity of foam formation in the respective spray liquid. A quantity of 1 – 3 ml / 100 l can be used as a reference. SCHAUMEXX is best added to the water when the spray tank is filled for the first time. Already existing foam can also be immediately eliminated with a squirt of SCHAUMEXX, allowing the spray tank to be filled rapidly. Rinsing out canisters: A squirt of SCHAUMEXX in the empty canister makes rinsing much easier! The rinse liquid can then be added to the spray tank. Slurry: SCHAUMEXX strongly reduces the formation of foam when the slurry tank is being filled. A good squirt of SCHAUMEXX on the existing foam makes it easier to fill the tank rapidly.


Neutral defoamer for spray liquids in crop protection.


  • For all spray liquids in field crops, fruit cultivation, vegetable cultivation, vine growing, hops
  • More rapid filling of the tank
  • No foaming over of the spray tank
  • No loss of active substance due to overflow
  • Empty containers are easier to rinse out
  • Also for slurry and use in biogas plants

Due to its special formulation, SCHAUMEXX® has a neutral effect on the application and efficacy of crop protection products.

Plant tolerance

SCHAUMEXX® is well tolerated in all crops. According to practical experience, it can be used in biogas plants without adverse effects on the fermentation process.

Instructions for use


Fill the thoroughly cleaned sprayer with water, add SCHAUMEXX® to the spray tank and fill to the required quantity of water. When adding the tank mix components, leave the agitator running to ensure that the products are evenly distributed in the spray liquid. General sequence for mixing crop protection products:

  1. Water-soluble foil pouch
  2. Water-soluble granules, SG, SX
  3. Water-dispersible granules or powder: WG, WP
  4. Suspension concentrates: SC
  5. Water-soluble concentrates: SL
  6. Oil-based suspension concentrates: SE
  7. Emulsifiable formulations: EW, EC
  8. Oils, co-formulants

Tank mixes should be applied immediately with the agitator running.

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