- Model Siwa Series - Silage Wagons



The silage wagons marketed under the name of Siwa are knownfor their soundness and reliability. The Siwa has an all-steel body, reinforced side panels and a solid cage construction. This makes the machine suitable for harvesting both grass and maize. The hydraulic tailboard opens under a 90-degree angle for fast discharge. The slanted front panel facilitates optimal loading, by the start of cutting maize parcels, and driving behind the chopper.

Unloading in record tempo
The new Schuitemaker silage wagon is the world record holder when it comes to unloading the wagon. It is possible to unload a Schuitemaker Siwa with distribution silage beaters and a good 48m3 of grass in the box in only 48 seconds nicely and evenly spread over the silage. That is about 1m3 per minute, an absolute record!

With a perfect mix of reliable components, new production techniques and a modern design, the new Siwa Silage wagon is totally ready for the future. The robust and characteristic way that it is built by Schuitemaker makes the Siwa the powerhouse of silage wagons.

Comfortable when travelling
Schuitemaker has set a new standard in riding style. The Schuitemaker silage wagons pull lightly and follow the tractor obediently. Users are unanimously agreed about the sublime riding qualities of the new silage wagons over the land, on the road or on the silage regardless of whether they are carrying a full load of maize, grass or wood chips.

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