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- 2-Brush-System for Cows-Brush


The milk performance of your cows depends on the welfare and cow comfort of your animals - only healthy and groomed milking cows getting a good milk performance! With our SCHURR 2-brush-system we’re increasing the animal welfare.


NEW start function: SCHURR cow-brush type C12 starts when cows are turning the brushes. No need of any switch anymore. From june 2016.


Stops after ca. 20 sec, when cow was leaving the SCHURR cow-brush.


Changes the direction of rotation when overload occurs (adjustable for type B00).
Best protection: Please shorten the hairs of your cows tails.


Problem-free installation on a wall or support. Less space requirements, only 1,1 m (ca. 43 inch)  from backside to the front of the upper brush.

Electricity costs.

SCHURR cow-brush type C12 saves at least 35 % of electricity. Up to your costs of electricity you can save up to 200 EURO per year.

Height adjustment.

Copes with animals of different heights up to approx. 250 mm (9,8 inch) very easily - patented  construction

SCHURR cow-brush type C12 green/white
SCHURR cow-brush type C12 green/white
SCHURR cow-brush type B00 green/white
SCHURR cow-brush type B00 green/white Cows per brush.

Up to 100 cows/unit - period of use: approx. 8 - 10 min per day per cow, thousands of farmers are confirming this period of use per day - there is no other machine on the farm with comparable  hours of operation per day - 365 days a year!

SCHURR cow-brushes are working for more then 25 years now. If you look after your SCHURR cow-brush your cow-brush will run for many years without any problem. That's for sure:

Make sure that it's SCHURR.

Bull proven.
Also suitable for bulls. Many insemination centers are using our SCHURR cow-brush in standard version.
100 % Nylon brush material for all SCHURR brushes. Lifetime of approx. 5-7 years for groups of 50 - 70 milking cows.
For all parts of a cow-brush you will have 2 years warranty. We do not provide on-site replacement service, but we'll ship free spare parts within 2 years warranty time.

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