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Schurr’s two brush system has been developed for use in the loafing area of farms, with a brush for cows and one for calves, pigs and goats. And to ensure clean boots, Schurr’s boot brush is the perfect solution.

Schurr cow brush

Schurr’s two brush system delivers the maximum in cow comfort. The rotating brush heads provide superior body grooming, enabling the cow to groom head, back and sides. The brush bristles are long lasting and kink free

For use either indoors or outdoors the system’s motor is totally protected from both dust and water.

Schurr’s calf, pig and goat brush

Similar in operation to the cow brush, the system has been adapted for use specifically by calves, pigs and goats.

The brush height is self adjusting to the height of the animal who activates the motor by its own movement.


Schurr’s two brush system is superior to standard scrapers and brushes, as it enables thorough cleaning of all parts of both boots and wellies. To provide even greater cleanliness, a water supply can be attached to Schurr brushes whose flow can be adjusted via a closing valve.

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