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Kalina-Klenski Ltd. manufactures screw augers which serve for transporting grain or bulk materials in a horizontal, inclined or vertical direction- The company offers three types of screws: tray, pipe and sweep (planetary).They are made of black or galvanized steel. These of black sheets are welded construction and coated with paint. And those of galvanized steel - on a bolt connection. Operation the screw auger is by motor-reducer and clutch. The maximum length of screw auger is 20 meters. Every 2 + 3 m has special pending camps with the possibility of easy replacement.

Pipe screw augers are made of welded pipes with different diameters, depending on productivity. For the movement of grain in the screw auger are used cold rolled screws with thickness 4 % 6 mm. Tray screw augers are manufactured with a slope of 30 °. Sweep screw augers is a screw attached to the tube at one end of which is placed planetary wheel, the other - motor, which gives rotary motion. This kind of screw auger can move even tilted and brought the grain in the center of the silo, where to unload with another screw auger ot chain conveyor. Tray screw auger are manufactured up to 0400. Pipe - up to 0300. Sweep - up to 0200.

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