Screw Augers



Customer's auger is buried under hog fuel pile 24/7. Even after experimenting with special alloys and spray-on products, the mill was only getting eight months life out of the auger. Diversified Plastics applied its patented flighting and main beam cover system at a fraction of the cost of a new unit. This improved screw ran a full two years (24 months) — tripling its run life and was re-buildable after the two years. Diversified Plastics also lined this raw concrete pit with UHMW. Also, with the reduced coefficient of friction of both screw and floor, energy requirements were reduced by more than 50 percent (results were tracked by a chart recorder placed at the mill).

  • Capability: Screw Augers
  • Industry: Forest Products
  • Industry 2: Pulp & Paper


Customer was replacing feed screws and feed screw pans every two years. The 1/2-inch thick steel pans would be worn to as little as .050 inch thickness in that time. Diversified Plastics applied its patented process to the augers and supplied liners for the pans. The customer's original bin is now four years old and still running. This customer has since redone its other five bins with the same results.

Boiler Feed Screw Bearings (not pictured):
For another customer we replaced Rex Double Row spherical bearings with 3 15/16-inch four-bolt flange bearings. They require no lubrication, provide long life and, in the event screw maintenance is needed, are easily removed from the stub shafts. The old roller bearings would corrode and seize, and would have to be cut off of the shaft.

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