Model SD-HPR-100 - Truck-Pickup-Skid Super Duty Mist Sprayer


General Use: Pastures, Rangeland, Fence Rows, Road Sides, Ditches, Right Of Way & Margin Areas... Insect Control- Mosquitoes(West Nile Virus), Spray Livestock, Livestock Confinement- Dairy Barns, Dry Lots, Feedlots, Poultry... Fruits, Vegetables, Truck Produce, Vineyards, Orchards, Groves, Golf Courses, Nurseries/Greenhouses, Windbreaks, Nut Trees, Tree Farms & Crops.

Standard Equipment:

  • Heavy Duty Powder Coat Painted Main Frame (Skid) And Fork Lift Compatible
  • 20 HP Twin Cylinder Honda GX Series Engine With Electric Start, Variable Speed Throttle, 3-Gallon Gas Tank And Battery Cables
  • 6 Function Wireless Remote Control - Variable Speed Throttle, Right To Left Fan Rotation, and Liquid On/Off Control
  • 100 Gallon Poly Tank
  • 6 Roller Cast Iron Pump (Up To 22 GPM, Stainless Steel Optional), Pressure Regulator, Glycerin Filled Pressure Gauge (More Accurate), By-pass Agitation (Hydro-Jet Optional)
  • Huck Riveted 19.5 Inch Fan With Safety Rings (210 Degree Rotation)
  • 4-Nozzle Round Cannon Volute®
  • Dimensions 79'L x 39'W x 43'H, Frame Width 32'
  • Empty Weight 820 Pounds

All A1 Mist Sprayers have a 10 year main frame warranty!

6 Function Wireless Remote


Dave Nelson, Golf Superintendent Akron Golf Course says 'I used an A1 Mist Sprayer on my course and fell in love with it. I found so many uses for it, from spraying greens, blowing leaves off the fairways, to mosquito control. I just had to have it included in my utility fleet. No matter what course I may work at, I will always find a use for my A1 MIST SPRAYER!'
A1 Mist Sprayers Resources, Inc.  is the only mist sprayer company in the world that is endorsed by a chemical company, a research veterinarian and offering customer recommended recipes for your spraying needs.

Built with a longer lasting 4-nozzle polyurethane construction that will not rust or dent, creates a better spraying pattern, provides greater atomization, enhances the distance that spray droplets are able to cover, and creates more CFM's of air than a horizontal volute. This volute has a lifetime warranty!

General Use: Insect Control- Spray Livestock, Mosquitoes (West Nile Virus), Weed Control, Spray Produce/Vegetables, Vineyards, Golf Courses, Greenhouses,  Fruit Trees, Nut Trees & Tree Farms.

Fits Big John, AG-AIR, Spray Innovations, Automatic & Electrospray and most other mist sprayers.

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