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Versatile offset discs are available in weight classes ranging from 550 lb/ft to 1050 lb/ft. Designed to be stronger and last longer Versatile discs feature extreme-duty bearings and optional interlocking 1/2 spools and the industry's strongest, tightest gangs with steel fabricated spools torqued to an impressive 3,200 ft-lb.

Standard Rigid Hanger - Heavy built rigid hangers hold strong in the most extreme conditions. The SD550 and SD650 use hangers fabricated from solid 1-1/4' high strength steel and clamped onto the gang beam with U-bolts. The SD1050 uses hangers fabricated from rectangular steel tubing. Both hangers have a slim line contour that gives maximum strength combined with excellent trash clearance.

Blade Scrapers - All Versatile discs feature one piece, 4' wide blade scrapers made of carbon steel for long wear life. The scrapers are U-bolt mounted for maximum adjustment on a heavy-duty tubular steel bar. All scrapers are located high end to the inside of the blade for maximum trash flow and to reduce draft requirements. This eliminates the need for trash guards.

Adjustable Gang Angle - Versatile offset discs allow operators to change the angle of cut between three (two on the SD1050) different positions. This causes the disc to cut with more or less aggressive discing action. Soil conditions such as residue or trash levels, moisture, etc. change from year to year and only a disc with adjustable gang angle will perform well in all these different types of conditions.

Positive Depth Control - A 5-1/2' heavy-duty rockshaft, in greaseable bearings, is the foundation of the single offset disc‘s depth control system. A single cylinder with positive depth control segments provides consistent and repeatable working depth. An adjustable crank allows the operator to regulate the balance of pressure on both front and rear gangs.

Removeable Spindle Axles - Versatile offset discs are built with maintenance concerns in mind. All spindle axles are designed for easy removal and maximum strength. Each spindle is bolted into a sleeve and can be removed by simply removing the bolt and pulling out the axle. This will save valuable time if repairs to a tire are needed.

Steel Fabricated Spools - Versatile discs feature fabricated steel half and full spools. Unlike cast iron spools, steel spools can withstand far greater “shock loads” from rocks or stumps thereby eliminating spool breakage. Compressed to maximum density prior to assembly, Versatile’s fabricated spools ensure the gang will not shift and become loose.

Large Gang Shaft - All Versatile discs feature a large 1-15/16' diameter, high carbon steel gang shaft. This gang shaft along with Versatile’s steel fabricated spools allows the gang assembly to be torqued at the factory to 3200 ft/lb.

Furrow Filler Blades - In order to get the most uniform and consistent field finish, Versatile offset discs have furrow filler blades as standard equipment. On larger working widths two furrow fillers are standard, one 4' smaller than the working blades and one 8' smaller, (only one furrow filler is used on model SD1050). On smaller working widths one furrow filler blade 4' smaller that the working blades is standard. These blades along with full sizes blades work together to create a uniform well-worked field.

Stone Flex Hanger - For those who want additional protection flex hangers are available as an option. With the extreme thrust forces present on a disc and potential for large rocks in some areas, the stone flex hanger is a perfect choice for absorbing shock loads. The 1-1/4' x 2-1/2' C-shaped spring steel reacts to both vertical, but more importantly, horizontal forces. Disc blade penetration is not compromised.

Pan-Style (Moldboard) Scrapers - Available on models SD550 and SD650, pan-style scrapers contact lower down on the disc blade to provide more effective cleaning and prevent sticky soil from building up. As a result, blades cut cleaner and draft is lighter. Scraper material is a boron alloy steel for enhanced wear characteristics. All scrapers are adjustable individually or as a group for optimum field performance.

Disc Blades - Quality disc implements start with quality blades. All Versatile discs feature the latest technology in micro alloy boron steel blades that combine the important performance characteristics of superior breakage - with long wearing abrasion resistant hardness.

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