IRRILINE Technologies Corp.

Model SD - Non-Pressure Compensating Dripline


IRRILINE manufactures 16mm & 20mm diameter Drip line with integrated droppers inside, useful for gardens, landscaping, fresh vegetables, row crops, cotton, banana, sugarcane and many different crops.

  • Have turbulent flow emitter and a built in labyrinth type emitter
  • Multi outlet emitter for a better uniformity
  • Pipe thickness can be 0.9 mm or 1.1 mm
  • Flow rate for 16 mm pipe are available with 1 L/H, 2 L/H and 4 L/H
  • Flow rate for 20 mm pipe are available with 2 L/H or 4 L/H
  • Emitter spacing available from 15 cm up to 100 cms at any interval
  • Recommended filtration is 120 mesh using a screen or disc filter

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