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Sea Lice / Algae Shielding Skirts



Cage shielding skirts from Rantex Marine AS are manufactured in Polypropylene - Non Woven material. This fabric is extremely tear proof as the placement of the fibres are random rather than being woven in a particular direction. Thus, the fabric itself behaves as a natural Rip-Stop that prevents small perforations from develop into large tears in the fabric, which typically is the case for conventional directional woven tarps.

Test with pressure washers for cleaning show that the fabric tolerates this well. The fabric is lightweight (140 g/m2) and very flexible, which makes handling and cleaning easy. The seams in the shielding skirt are sewn 4-folded (rolled seam) with strong PA 6.6-thread, and is further reinforced with polypropylene ribbons to increase the seam strength. The fabric is 100% recyclable and consequently environment-friendly. Tarpaulin skirts comes with weighted ropes that can be reused. The other components consists of plastic pipes in PA 6.6 and eyelets in brass. The skirts are also available in standard polyester fabric. The use of shielding skirts will reduce the water exchange in the cage. It may therefore be advantageous to add extra oxygen during certain periods to optimise the farming conditions. Our patented diffuser NetOx™ is and well-proven and effective solution to oxygenate these cages.

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