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SeaCal seaweed is a completely natural product harvested off the South West coasts of Ireland and Iceland by Celtic Sea Minerals. SeaCal rapidly absorbs minerals and nutrients from seawater, growing into a hard, brittle coral-like structure with a high mineral and trace element content. SeaCal offers the potential to cut fertiliser costs and significantly improve plant uptake of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K).

  • Cut fertiliser costs
  • Boost crop yield, quality and palatability to livestock
  • Correct acidic soils
  • Correct soil mineral imbalances
  • Stimulate beneficial soil bacteria
  • Improve root development and soil structure
  • Release ‘locked up’ phosphate and potash
  • Reduce slug damage
  • Fix atmospheric nitrogen

Thanks to the dry, granular nature of SeaCal it can be applied to land using a standard fertiliser spreader, which means it’s possible to spread it yourself without the need of a specialist contractor.

Spread only once every three years!
An application rate of 250kg per acre is recommended every three years. Spreading can be done at any time of year and any livestock can remain in the field during application.

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