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Sort oysters according to size and weight and any combination thereof. Weight accuracy within +/- 2grams.

With the most advanced system for optical analysis of shellfish available you can now sort oysters according to size and weight and any combination thereof. And we can offer this at a surprisingly affordable price.

Electronically counting and sorting oysters according to size and weight is the most cost effective alternative to expensive manual inspection, resulting in huge savings in reduced staff costs.

As a world leader in sorting and grading of fresh produce GP Graders has leveraged its technical expertise to oyster grading and packing.

The SeaGrade Oyster™ has weight accuracy to within +/- 2 gram. The accuracy in grade and consistency of product quality provides confidence to you and your customers, enabling you to give product guarantees and that marketing edge over your competitors.

Using the combination of weight and size allows you to detect light weight, or dead product and thereby discard it as waste.

Able to grade at 10 units per second per conveyor lane the system is lightning fast and perfectly uniform in its accuracy.

The SeaGrade Oyster™ enables you to increase production by 400% over the traditional manual method of sorting.

Precision engineering combined with rugged manufacturing give you consistent performance in tough working environments. We use non-corrosive durable materials with fully encased electronics to withstand the abrasive elements.

GP Graders is an industry hot-house for Research and Development. With approximately 90% of our R&D projects embarked on becoming commercially successful. The entire culture of our company revolves around innovation and development of practical and market driven solutions.

A brief list from the hundreds of innovations we have bought to the market for the SeaGrade Oyster™ include:

  • Our individual conveyor cup for each oyster shell.
  • Our unique singulation system to deliver individual items to separate cups at high speed.
  • Our combination of camera optical sizing and weight.
  • Our weight accuracy to within +/- 2 gram.
  • Our length, width and circumference calculations.
  • Our batch weighing or counts to separate exits on the machine.
  • Our extensive grading and packing reports enabling input into accounting or traceability software.
  • Our gentle exit chutes to dry or water delivery tanks.
  • GP Graders are leaders in innovative solutions for each market we participate in. We will not enter a market unless we have something truly unique and beneficial to offer our customers.

And those solutions must either:

  • drive down costs through improved efficiency,
  • increase profit through improved product presentation and refined grading parameters,
  • be a lower cost alternative to what is currently available in the market,
  • meet a market demand that is not being satisfied,
  • reduce or eliminate manual processes to automated ones
  • Despite being in business for almost 50 years GP Graders are a young and dynamic company recruiting only the most intelligent team members in their field of specialisation. We are fully abreast of the latest technology available and adopt it across our entire product range.

Superior presentation of shellfish in today’s market is essential. Domestic and overseas buyers are becoming ever more particular in what they select and competition is making the market increasingly difficult. We manufacture a purpose built washing system to give you that superior edge in the market.

  • Shellfish are rinsed free of algae and chipped shell particle prior to being scrubbed clean over specially designed brushes.
  • We only supply the highest quality long life brushes available using various density nylon and polyethylene.
  • Brush cleaning units are both hygienic and easy to clean.
  • The cleaning unit also acts as the inspection and sorting section.

The most gentle method of delivering oysters to the grader is by way of a water receival tank. Water is agitated to keep the shell of the oyster closed.

Standard oyster lines include stainless steel water tank providing gentle, low impact delivery of oysters onto the grader.

An incline elevator extracts oysters from the water tank. The elevator speed is variable to optimize efficiency of the graders by regulating throughput to a speed that suits your operation.

Oysters are placed into individual conveyor cups and is conveyed over a load cell weigher and under a CCD digital camera.

  • The singulation system has been developed to ensure that oysters are singularly delivered into grading cups at high speeds.
  • Processing speed of up to 10 items per second.
  • Following the optical analysis shells are weighed over a digital weight scale at an accuracy to within +/- 2 gram. Digital signal processing eliminates data corruption from vibrating machinery.
  • Each shell is individually examined with the world’s leading technology and graded according to your specific criteria.
  • The conveying cup uses its own two-way side tipping motion allowing release of shellfish to both sides of the grader. This shortens the natural length of the machine and provides greater flexibility in floor space utilisation.
  • Identifying both optical size and weight allows you to discard deceased product, or underweight for size, thus improving packed quality by eliminating product spoilage.
  • We use black & white, high resolution CCD cameras to provide a sharp and accurate image of shells. There is no perimeter blurring and it is equally accurate on both light and dark coloured shells.
  • The continuous self-tarring mechanism dynamically measures weights for each empty cup allowing for temperature and empty cup weight variations.

  • An efficient packing system will save both time and money. We have designed a range of packing solutions to suit every operation and budget.

    Whether you pack into bags, crates or plastic tubs we have the solution for a fast, gentle and efficient packing system.

  • The software includes programmable weight sizing according to crate/bag weight and/or required crate/bag count. Automatic batching of produce to pre-determined bag and crate weights is also available.
  • On-screen display of scrolling measurements allows easy adjustment and refining of grading parameters.
  • Saving programs for different products and species allows very rapid production switches.
  • The computer can run one program while the operator inputs or modifies another thus eliminating the need to stop the line to change set ups.
  • The dual program device allows two separate programs to be run off a single computer, i.e. first grade may be run on one lane and second grade on another.
  • Our real-time operating system enables user commands to be executed during the sorting process without having to stop the machine.

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