OceanTools Aquaculture Ltd. (OTAQ)

OceanTools Aquaculture Ltd. (OTAQ)

- Intelligent Ultrasonic Deterrent System


SealFence is an intelligent ultrasonic deterrent system designed to deter seals and sea lions from marine fish farming sites. Proven effective worldwide we have deployed over 600 systems since 2014 protecting farms in Scotland, Chile, Finland and Russia.

SealFence uses a unique soundwave delivered through a network of projectors placed around each farm. These projectors work together to create an acoustic “fence” of protection that will often completely eliminate seal and sea lion attacks.

Many of OTAQ’s innovative technologies are incorporated into SealFence including Active Condition Monitoring (ACM). ACM constantly monitors the performance of the system, records it and allows full control of the system from a touchscreen located on a barge or boat.

But whilst the system contains some very advanced technology, SealFence is also tough. It has been designed from the ground up to cope with permanent installation on the most exposed marine fish farms in use today. SealFence is proven reliable with a negligible breakdown record backed up with industry-leading levels of support.

  • Using a unique ultrasonic transmission developed by OTAQ, SealFENCE creates an acoustic “fence” of protection around your cages.
  • Engineered to provide long term reliability on exposed marine aquaculture sites,  the modular design of SealFENCE means there are no cables to run between cages;  so both installation and fault finding are simple.
  • SealFENCE features an optional ACM (Active Condition Monitoring) system which checks and records that every module on site is working correctly 24 hours a day.
  • With 100s of units in use protecting farms around the world, SealFENCE is a proven long term method of deterring seals.

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