OceanTools Aquaculture Ltd. (OTAQ)

- Seal Deterrent / Sea Lion Deterrent System


SealFENCE is an intelligent acoustic deterrent system designed to deter seals and sea lions from attacking your farm.

  • Using a unique ultrasonic transmission developed by OTAQ, SealFENCE creates an acoustic “fence” of protection around your cages.
  • Engineered to provide long term reliability on exposed marine aquaculture sites,  the modular design of SealFENCE means there are no cables to run between cages;  so both installation and fault finding are simple.
  • SealFENCE features an optional ACM (Active Condition Monitoring) system which checks and records that every module on site is working correctly 24 hours a day.
  • With 100s of units in use protecting farms around the world, SealFENCE is a proven long term method of deterring seals.

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