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- Multipurpose Range Oyster Basket



Drawing on more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing and farming with the SEAPA Longline Range of products, the Multipurpose Range provides farmers with an even greater amount of flexibility for on-farm use.  As the name suggests, the Multipurpose Baskets have been designed for use in a variety of applications including; Hanging on adjustable longline systems. Staking through the end caps for use on fixed rack and rail. Fixing with floats for use in floating systems. Interlocked and roped together for use in subtidal systems.

SEAPA understands that every farmer has their own particular way of farming and that many utilising existing infrastructure that is perfectly serviceable.  Our goal is to provide a product with enough flexibility to allow farmers to continue to use this infrastructure, and make a significant difference to their efficiency at the same time.

Efficiencies are realised through the ease of handling and access to stock utilising the Multipurpose Auto Cap which can facilitate full automation if desired.  The larger size of the Multipurpose Baskets is also a benefit as they can hold more stock than a standard Longline Basket, thereby increasing a farms carrying capacity and allowing farmers to handle more stock per individual unit. 

SEAPA Multipurpose Baskets pack flat for efficient transport, but are quickly and easily assembled and stack neatly together in order to minimise the required storage space on land and on the water.  SEAPA baskets can also be produced in a range of colours as desired, upon request.


650mm long x 400mm wide x 220mm high (assembled)

  • Weight of complete 20mm basket: ~ 1413g
  • Weight of complete 12mm basket: ~ 1274g
850mm long x 400mm wide x 220mm high (assembled)
  • Weight of complete 20mm basket: ~ 1653g
  • Weight of complete 12mm basket: ~ 1574g

 1100mm long x 400mm wide x 220mm high (assembled)

  • Weight of complete 20mm basket: ~ 1994g
  • Weight of complete 12mm basket: ~ 1891g

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