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SEAPA oyster baskets, also known as oyster tubes or oyster bags, have been designed to produce the best possible growing environment for oysters, whilst minimising the labour input by the farmer. The basket shape is perfect for 'rumbling' which develops a well cupped oyster with a clean shell and high meat content.

The durability of SEAPA baskets provides the user with cost savings as they will have to repair and replace them less frequently than with traditional growing methods, while time savings are made through efficient handling throughout the growing process.  The flexibility of application also means that SEAPA baskets can be used in most environments and with most growing systems.

SEAPA baskets are shipped flat in the most economical way possible. Approximately 300 Longline baskets will fit onto a pallet, and more than 3,000 will fit into a 20ft container. Once recieved, SEAPA baskets can be quickly and easily assembled ready for use.

SEAPA baskets can be produced in a range of colours as desired upon request. For more information about the assembly of SEAPA baskets, please refer to the assembly information in the additional information menu.

Longline Range

650mm long x 210mm wide x 120mm high (assembled)

  • Weight of complete 20mm basket: ~ 785g
  • Weight of complete 12mm basket: ~ 827g 
  • Weight of complete 6mm basket: ~ 941g
  • Weight of complete 3mm basket: ~ 1167g

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