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- Equine Mineral Lick Hebridean Seaweed Meal


Seaquim Hebridean seaweed meal is made from freshly harvested marine plant life, Ascophyllum nodosum,  from the clear waters of the North Atlantic. The cleaner, mineral rich waters where it is grown, along with our  unique harvesting of this rich source of nutrients makes Seaquim® Hebridean seaweed meal the number one  choice for horse and pony owners. Seaquim Hebridean seaweed meal provides a rich source of minerals, trace elements and amino acids making it  the natural choice supplement to help maintain the health and performance of equine on grass and forage diets.

Seaquim Equine Mineral Lick
The new Seaquim® Equine Lick has been formulated as a high quality specification mineral designed to  supplement the rations of leisure and/or working horses. For use as part of a balanced diet to support health  and vitality.

This high specification lick has been formulated with carefully selected ingredients to help optimise effective  metabolic function, support a healthy immune system and to help maintain healthy hair, skin and hooves.  Consistent controlled intakes and good weather-proofing make this lick an ideal supplement when equines are  either outside at grass or when housed and fed forage rations.

The Seaquim® Equine lick is fortified with carefully selected minerals and vitamins that are vital components  in ensuring optimal health of horses and ponies.

Feeding Instructions
Product weight-10kg in a plastic rectangular container
Offer one bucket for every 5 horses or ponies
Target daily intake-50-100g/head

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