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- Model Original - Hebridean Seaweed Meal


Seaquim Hebridean seaweed meal is made from freshly harvested marine plant life, Ascophyllum nodosum, from the clear waters of the North Atlantic. The cleaner, mineral rich waters where it is grown, along with our unique harvesting of this rich source of nutrients makes Seaquim® Hebridean seaweed meal the number one choice for livestock producers.

Unique mineral-vitamin licks containing Seaquim® Hebridean seaweed meal

  • Supports animal performance especially at grass and on high forage rations
  • Suitable for all classes of ruminant livestock

Seaquim Hebridean seaweed meal provides a rich source of minerals, trace elements and amino acids making it the natural choice supplement to help maintain the health and performance of livestock on forage diets

Seaquim Mineral Buckets
The combination of sweet sugar cane molasses with the traditional benefits of Seaquim® seaweed meal makes this unique range of supplements ideal for breeding cattle and sheep at risk from mineral deficiencies. Consistent controlled intakes and good weather-proofing make these buckets ideal
supplements when the animals are either outside at grass or when housed and fed high forage rations with low concentrate levels.

The Seaquim® mineral bucket range consists of four
formulations in 25 and 100kg licks, suitable for all livestock requirements, whether they are housed or at grass.

  • Contains 25% Seaquim meal
  • 19% sugars for good palatability
  • 5.5% magnesium
  • Minerals and vitamins
  • Suitable for Organic systems

Dairy and beef cows: Spring turnout use Hi Mag for 4-6 weeks then change to Extra for the summer grazing period. In autumn reintroduce Hi Mag until housing.

Young stock: Spring turnout use Extra initially switching to Garlic from June to September and then reintroduce Extra until housing.

Breeding ewes: Use Original all year round switching to Extra at 4 weeks pre-tupping for 8 weeks and again 6 weeks pre-lambing for 10 weeks. Garlic can be used when there is a fly risk for ewes and lambs, but there is a 3-4 weeks withdrawal period prior to slaughter.

Housed cattle: on high forage rations Extra is recommended, but where concentrates containing minerals are also being fed use Original.

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