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SeaStation fish pens help farm operators reduce the total cost of grow-out on medium-to-high energy aquaculture sites. SeaStation’s security and long service life allow capital costs to be spread across many years and harvests. The SeaStation is fully functional when surfaced or submerged. With 20+ years and 60+ installations SeaStations have survived multiple major storm events including Category 2 and 4 Hurricanes. Available with SeaStation models integrated nursery net, mortality removal system and SeaLift harvest unit. The SeaStation is available in the following sizes: 3,100 m3  6,400 m3  8,000 m3  14,500 m3.

Fish Health and Security
Tensioned vinyl coated galvanized steel wire mesh for containment netting, guarantees superior predator control in areas where losses have made fish farming difficult. The robust exterior frame provides strength and rigidity in the strongest of hurricane driven currents.

Species and Site Adaptability
The PVC coated wire mesh come in a wide range of sizes to accommodate the variety species raised by InnovaSea clients. Anchoring options include a grid system, single and multi-point mooring systems. Preferred depths for the Aquapod are 35m-100m. Deployment of Aquapod net pens is coordinated to accommodate the available infrastructure.

Stocking, Feeding And Harvesting Operations
Integrated nursery nets provide for stress and escape free stocking. Multiple Aquapods are fed from one location using InnovaSea’s Arterial Feeding System. The helix feed distributer evenly disperses pellets inside the pen allowing all fish an opportunity to eat their natural pace. Harvesting is done either at the surface or submerged using integrated scoop nets.

Cleaning and Mortality Operations
The ability of the Aquapod to rotate within its mooring grid, bringing any segment of the pen to the surface or near to the surface, reduces the amount and depths of diving needed to clean and maintain the pen. Due to the spherical shape of the pen mortalities fall to the lower center part of the pen facilitating fast and efficient dive pick up.

Aquapod net pen moorings are designed to meet your specific plan and site requirements. Pens can be installed with single or multiple point moorings and as individual pens or in grid formations.

InnovaSea Systems, Inc. is an innovative, technology and engineering based company, dedicated to supporting the open ocean aquaculture industry.

InnovaSea has installed over 160 pens around the globe. To date over 60 SeaStations have been installed. Locations include the Philippines, South Korea, China, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, USA, Venezuela, Mexico and Panama. InnovaSea, and its primary investor Cuna del Mar, are committed to developing the next wave of innovative, open ocean products and services to expand the regions of the ocean available to support the growing mariculture industry.

InnovaSea has an. active research and. development program. and is staffed. with highly skilled. engineers, software. systems developers,. aquaculture scientists. and experienced. project managers. working in 5. locations (Boston,. Maine, Seattle, Panama. and Mexico).

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