See & Spray Machines

We build precise See & Spray machines that apply chemicals only where needed. Today, the best practice is to treat all plants as if they have the same needs. See & Spray technology changes this paradigm, enabling growers to make every plant count at scale. See & Spray applies herbicides only to the weeds and not to the crop or soil.

Weeds: Enemy Number One

$25 billion spent. 310 million pounds of herbicides. 110 billion pounds of fertilizers.

Weed control is an essential and resource-intensive part of agriculture. With the rise of herbicide-tolerant weeds and the decline in available and effective chemical solutions, agriculture is looking for a new way to address the weed control challenge.

Industry Average Costs of Launching a New Pesticide

In 1995, chemical companies spent $152 million on average to launch a new pesticide. Today, the price tag has soared to $350 million, and it can take up to 12 years to get regulatory approval.

Herbicide-Tolerant Weeds are Spreading Fast

Over-reliance on certain chemicals has led to the evolution of herbicide-tolerant weeds. In 2016, the majority of states had seen cases of herbicide-tolerant weeds.

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