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Machinefabriek Steketee BV

Seed Bed Preparation Cultivators



A good seed bed preparation is preparing the ground for sowing once-over. With the Steketee Combirol on the front of the tractor and a seed bed combination at the back, this can also be done in more heavy soils. In case of more heavy soil types a second round of work is needed, even with powered implements. Disadvantages of such a second round are extra labour, tracks and a larger chance of soil slaking. The Combirol performs the fist cultivation of the ploughed ground, after which the combination behind the tractor further prepares the seed bed.

The machine consists of a frame with an adjustable triangular trestle, shanks with 30 cm bits, Steketee angle bar roller and a smoothing beam. The depth of both the shanks and the smoothing beam can be adjusted. When the smoothing beam is set slightly lower, the ground is thrown into the turning angle bar roller, which has a crushing effect.

The Combirol can be supplied in various widths, being 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5.25 and 6 metres. The versions of 4 metres and more can be folded up hydraulically. A 3 metre front roller can be mounted to prevent the machine from Klik voor vergrotingtilting forward. This one can be fitted with a dragged Combirol with a V-shaped bar roller or a bar roller dragged in a V-shape. The roller can be supplied with 390 and 500 mm diameters. 

Steketee Combirol fitted with one row of straight shanks with 30 cm duck foot points. Fitted with a Steketee angle bar roller (sand roller or clay roller) and a smoothing beam. Adjustable in height, this one has 9 bars with 50 cm diameter.
Steketee Combirol fitted with overlapping duck foot points for improved spring weed cutting. Also fitted with angle bar roller and smoothing beam. A bar roller is mounted on the front of the machine. Adjustable in height, this one has 9 bars with 50 cm diameter.

De Stektee Combirol at the rear. You can easily change from front to rear by turning the roller and brackets.

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