Model Seed Boss Series - Seed Treatment System



The Seed Boss Series is a seed treater designed for bulk seed transfer from hard side boxes or bags to an incline conveyor. This portable unit can be used to stage boxes/bags to fill your seed treater so that larger batches can be done without stopping the treater. It can also be used to direct fill into a seed tender. With the optional treatment atomizer it will allow you to over treat seed without the use of a drum treater.

Each Seed Boss includes the following:

  • SB Series conveyor with wheels
  • Interlocking hard box stands
  • Adjustable flow transitions with air gates 300 – 1500 uph
  • Manual air valve stand
  • Electric panel that will also operate an incline conveyor

Available Equipment Options:

  • Expandable from 2 – 8 hard box stands
  • 65 unit hopper to stage bags that sits on the hard box stand
  • Treatment atomizer for the over treatment of seed
  • Updated electric panel for auto/manual control of atomizer
  • Manual Pump Stand with agitation, 30 gal. poly, manual, vol. FM, fittings, cal. tube
  • Platform scale with an indicator

Seed to Bags, Boxes or Bins

The Seed Boss modular system is designed for flexibility from start to finish and can be configured to fit your situational needs. Our system can both start and finish in just about any combination of bags, boxes and bins depending on how you prefer to handle and transport your seed before and after treatment.

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