Seed Processing Controls


Our controls have been implemented in a variety of seed processing setups; from simple manual alarm monitoring panels to fully automated computerized systems with mobile connectivity -- we have the solution for your needs

    • Operator interfaces can be as simple as a series of switches or as advanced as an easy-to-use touchscreen computer, smartphone or tablet interface.

  • Control Systems monitor bin levels, equipment shaft speeds, current draw on dust fans, product flow, and power quality.
  • Options include interfacing with cameras, variable speed drives, and email and text messaging systems to give you full confidence and quality control, even when not in the facility.
  • We control electric gates, valves, and distributors allowing for automated bin switching upon a high or low level sensor being tripped.
  • Automatic shutdowns of equipment based on alarm conditions such as full bins, slipping belts on legs, or unsafe shaft speeds on equipment.
  • Our solutions are custom tailored to the equipment in your facility and the manner in which you run it.

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