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Seed Treating Units



Treating seed with chemicals is a very effective way of avoiding illnesses of the young plant. Very little chemicals give fine results. With an extended range of treating machines we serve farms, but also big installations for grain merchants and cooperative storages.


Application of disinfecting agents on sowing seed.

The Jansen & Heuning disinfecting machines are specifically designed for the disinfection of sowing seed and are available with capacities from 4 to 20 tons/hour. We can also deliver special batch-disinfecting machines. When it comes to disinfecting sowing seed, these machines are up to any challenge.

Every part that comes into contact with the product is made of stainless steel. The expensive disinfectants must always be added in proportion to the seed supply capacity. A clever system keeps this proportion ar a constant pre-determined value. A special pump takes the disinfectant from the supply container to the dosage tank. From there a paddle wheel supplies the sprayer with the disinfectant. This method ensures a constant proportion between disinfectant and seed.

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