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The rugged construction and simple, innovative design of SeedMaster toolbars (TXB) delivers bulletproof performance in the field. From our massive 80-, 90-, and 100-foot drills—the largest in North America—to our narrow-folding Compact-in-Transport (CT) models, growers know they can trust SeedMaster to get the job done right, every time.

SeedMaster is the leader in large-scale air drills up to 100 feet wide, providing huge economies of size. Our industry-leading toolbars save time, fuel, and labour by seeding more acres per pass.

But smaller farms can benefit from SeedMaster technology, too. Our range of toolbars starts at a minimum width of 20 feet and a wide variety of UltraPro™ on-frame tank options and pull-behind Nova™ carts.

All SeedMaster TXB series toolbars come with SeedMaster’s revolutionary independent, terrain-following opener for precise seed and fertilizer placement. And with many different configurations and options available, there is a SeedMaster toolbar built for every farm


The secret behind our Compact-in-Transport (CT) line of narrow-folding toolbars and our massive 90-foot and 100-foot air drills is our unique, groundbreaking M-Fold design.

Our simple and fast-folding M-Fold, combined with SeedMaster’s patented Active Wing Brace™, allows us to build the biggest drills in North America. We have a proven track record in the field with massive 70- to 100-foot-wide drills that fold to transport widths of about 19 to 26 feet.

The M-Fold is also a pivotal feature on our CT drills, available in widths up to 80 feet that fold to a maximum width of 19 feet for transport, narrow enough to go almost anywhere.

Our M-Fold is far less complex than narrow, back-folding drills that require extra parts for folding and are more prone to breakage. The M-Fold features the same folding mechanism used on all SeedMaster frames. Its simple design keeps our frames economical and delivers the rugged strength that SeedMaster is known for.


All SeedMaster toolbars are designed to provide you with long-lasting, reliable performance with added convenience and safety. SeedMaster toolbars are available in many different configurations, and have flexible, on-frame mounting options for seed, granular fertilizer, NH3 or liquid tanks. Plus, they partner seamlessly with the liquid Sulky cart or any other liquid cart on the market.


For when it comes time to duck under low-hanging obstacles, SeedMaster designed the Matrix™ hydraulic block, available on the 50-foot 3-plex and all toolbars over 60 feet wide. It’s an advanced system that, among other things, lets farmers partially unfold each wing to lower its transport height to pass safely under power lines and overpasses.

Blast-to-Bare Metal Frame

All SeedMaster frame and opener components are blasted to bare metal to ensure flawless powder coat paint adhesion for a durable, anti-corrosive finish that won’t crack, chip, or peel.

Safety in mind

SeedMaster drills are low maintenance and well thought out for your safety and convenience. We use double-braided, ISO Certified hydraulic hoses that are reinforced with two walls of braided steel for the utmost in strength and security.

Standard on all toolbars are safety lights and a hitch safety chain for your safety and convenience during transportation.

Active Wing Brace

This patented SeedMaster technology prevents frame flex and eliminates wing stress on frames 48 feet or wider. The Active Wing Brace™ reinforces the proven strength of SeedMaster drills by gently reducing wing stress.

Strong and durable frame

SeedMaster toolbars offer a bulletproof, industry-leading frame with rugged construction to handle almost any load. Standard on our toolbars are 6 x 4 inch ranks—unlike many other toolbars with 4 x 4 inch frames—ensuring lasting durability.

Our steel 8 x 6 inch rear and 8 x 4 main frame beams easily carry the weight of our on-board and tow-behind tanks without any impact on the uniform depth control of our individual row openers.

TrueLine Drill Design

The SeedMaster TruLine™ Drill design provides a skew-neutral frame by arranging half the openers in a left-hand configuration and half in a right-hand configuration. TruLine means seed and fertilizer rows track straight for more accurate placement and separation. With options like Smart Hitch™ or third-party RTK guidance, TruLine helps achieve perfect inter-row seeding.


Convenient bolt-together design

SeedMaster toolbars were designed to meet the needs of many different farm requirements. Bolt-together frame joints are much stronger than welded joints, for exceptional reliability and performance. You can even self-assemble TXB (toolbar only) models on farm to save on shipping and assembly costs.

The bolt-together frame allows for adjustable row spacing and drill widths on select frame styles.

Economical standard tires

Standard on the main frame and wing wheels are single 12.5L 15 tires. Both can be upgraded depending on the requirements for on-board tanks or cart choices.

Toolbars over 50 feet come standard with 380/65R 16.5 tires on the main frame and dual 12.5L 15 tires.

New and Improved Primary Hoses
  • Organizes all the hoses in a clean and efficient manner and streamlines the toolbar.
  • Equal length primaries have equal back pressure to improve meter-to-meter uniformity and reduce fertilizer caking in the tank.
  • Higher product-moving capacity with smoothly formed tubes greatly reduces the risk of plugging.
  • Uniform start/stop of product to improve Overlap Control savings.

Toolbar options for even better productivity

All SeedMaster toolbars are built ready for valuable options to make your seeding day even more productive. From better agronomics to helping keep you from getting bogged down, our industry-leading options let you pick what is right for your farm.

Superior flotation in wet conditions

Exclusive to SeedMaster, our Lift Kit redistributes forces on your drill to lighten the front end for superb floatability. It significantly reduces stress on your hitch and drill frame when pulling through mud.

Upgrade to dual flotation caster wheels on the main frame for excellent flotation in soft or muddy fields. Dual 380-65R 16.5 tires.

Optional dual front wing caster tires can also be added to SeedMaster toolbars for increased flotation. Dual 12.5L 15 tires.

Rear wing wheels can be upgraded to a castering wheel that pivots easily without dragging your rear wheel when making tight turns.

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