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SEEPEX is one of the leading producers of progressive cavity pumps in the world. Since its establishment in 1972 SEEPEX has been constantly developing and optimizing the construction and technology of the production of these pumps. As a result of these works many new patented solutions have appeared, especially the so called geometry '6L”, TRICAM and SMART STATOR TECHNOLOGY. These technologies have a particular meaning for the growth of efficiency, longevity and user-friendly service of the pumps. All features, which are a direct benefit for the user. Cavity pumps are used in various branches of the industry, especially where media of high percentage of technological solid substances or dirt appear. Such media can be environmentally protective installations, waste water treatment plants, the chemical, paper and food industry, the petrochemical industry and others.

AFT as a representative of SEEPEX in Poland provides extensive technical support in the areas of project consultations, product choice, tendering and deliveries. AFT also provides warranty and after sales service according to trainings performed by SEEPEX. Depending on the requirements and technical possibilities we service the products in our headquarters or directly on the client’s premises. 

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