- Trailed Fertilizer Spreaders for Vineyards



The SEGUES RAVID are trailed fertilizer spreaders made for vineyards and fitted with conveyor belt, four distribution systems and uploads to 3.000 kg. They always perform a High accuracy VRA (variable rate application) and depending on the chosen spreading system (all systems are interchangeable) the fertilizer will be buried in the middle or in the laterals, placed on the plant’s base or aerially spread. They are suitable for spreading any low dampness fertilizer (chemical granulated, powdered, pellet, etc.) and even for seeding.


  • Twin disc system with or without side conveyor
  • Single sub-soiler hydraulically driven
  • Double sub-soiler system fixed or width adjustable
  • Rear conveyor belt to localize the fertilizer.


  • Variable rate application system (VRA)
  • 11.5/80-15,3 flotation tyres
  • All systems are hydraulically driven
  • Hydraulic brake
  • Mechanical parking brake
  • Combined mechanical/hydraulic VRA distribution system
  • Rust-Proof primer and coating
  • Parking jack
  • 600 mm width conveyor belt to avoid the “vault” effect


  • Swivel hitch
  • Cover tarpaulin
  • “Intelligent” distribution System
  • ISOBUS spreader control system
  • GPS guidance system
  • Independent oil system driven by the PTO
  • Top Galvanized mesh
  • Hydraulic crane with one or two movements available.

  • Upload:Up to 3.000 kg
  • Hopper:1.000 to 3.000 l
  • Running gear:Single Axle
  • Length:3760-3960 mm
  • Tyre:7,50x16'/11.5/80-15.3
  • Width:1250 to 1750 mm
  • Weight:1.350 to 1.446 kg

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