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The new formulation of B.T. 32 SEIPASA® ensures an excellent solution, adherence and effectiveness.

  • The kurstaki variety, strain PB-54, has a high potency.
  • Selective activity against a broad spectrum of Lepidoptera.

The δ-endotoxins contained in BT 32 SEIPASA® are ingested by the larvae of the Lepidoptera, leading to paralysis of the intestine, so that they stop feeding immediately. After a few hours the intestinal epithelium ruptures, causing their death.

BT Kurstaki 32% (32 million iu/g) [WP] w/w

Instructions for use and dosage
: It acts by ingestion in the L1 and L2 larval stages.Therefore, it is highly advisable to use a monitoring technique, starting at about 2-4 days after reaching the peak of the flight curve. Its effect can be enhanced with ABENTA and SEIPASA 4% PYRETHRIN.

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