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- Side-Rolling Tarpaulin System



Electric units are available  for both the Select and Maximize tarp systems.  These electric units consist of a sealed  12V electric motor with a cover to prevent exposure to harmful elements.  This motor is attached to an aluminum pivot arm that is mounted on the front of your truck box.  This pivot arm holds the motor stationary so that just the motor shaft turns the roll tube to open and close your tarp system.  This electric unit can be operated by using a rocker switch, mounted inside your cab or with an optional 100 Series Wireless Remote or upgrade to the NEW 200 Series Integrated Wireless Remote which will operate all Michels 200 Series Chute Openers, Hopper Augers and Side Roll tarp systems as well as Lights (L200) and Swing Augers(S200)

  • On both of theses models, proven tension control using extension springs is incorporated along with beveled pulleys on both ends to apply constant and uniform pressure. This 'Holdback' device keeps the tarp rolling evenly during operation.
  • Farm models consist of a removable rear hood/end cap that enables the full function of the tailgate.
  • A fiberglass ridge poll, sewn into a pocket on the fabric, is used to support the fabric between the cross-members. This procedure is optional for semi trailer units. Most trailers have their own rod running down the center of the trailer.
  • Semi trailer units have the option of a front or rear crank that can be either short(2'6') or long (8'). The crank length is adjustable to suit your trailer or operator.
  • Bolt on style tarp stops are standard on all Side-Rolling tarpaulin Systems
  • Optional 'Flip Release' tarp stops are offered for all side-rolling tarp stops.  These 'Flip Release' tarp stops are available with a 3' or 6' offset which allows clearance of the box or trail

  • 20 ounce PVC fabric
  • Reinforced fabric on front, rear and sides to extend fabric life

  • 18 colors to choose from
  • 3' or 6' offset Flip Release tarp stops
  • Reinforcements over hoops/cross members
  • 22 ounce PVC fabric
  • Wireless Remote operated (100 Series or 200 Series)

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