- Ultrasonic Selective Fluxing System



For selective fluxing applications, Sono-Tek’s ultrasonic selective fluxing system offers the highest degree of accuracy and fine line control in the selective fluxing industry. Controlled velocity spray will not harm or disturb components while giving maximum top side fill in selective fluxing applications.

  • Compatible with ALL fluxes
  • Easily retrofits into all major selective solder machines
  • Reduced wasteful overspray and atmospheric contamination
  • Minimal servicing and downtime
  • Self-cleaning ultrasonic nozzle prevents clogging
  • Controlled -velocity will not harm or disturb components while giving maximum top side fill
  • Spray pattern adjustable from 2 mm – 38 mm (0.080” – 1.50”)
  • Wide range of delivery rates from 1 – 250 microliters/second
  • Also ideal for tinning and odd-shaped components



The SelectaFlux system is a complete,ready-to-integrate selective fluxing system with customer-supplied liquid delivery. It combines Sono-Tek’s unique Microspray ultrasonic atomizing nozzle with lowpressure air to produce a controlled,highly focused beam of spray. A separate control module handles input/output system functions.

Compressed air, typically at 1 psi, is introduced into the diffusion chamber of the air shroud,which produces a uniformly distributed flow of air around the nozzle stem.

The ultrasonically produced spray at the tip of the stem is immediately entrained in the air stream.An adjustable focusing mechanism on the air shroud allows complete control of spray width.

The spray envelope is bow-shaped. The width of the bow is controlled by moving the focus-adjust mechanism in and out. The distance between nozzle and substrate can be varied from near-contact to approximately two inches.

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