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Pig Farrowing Crate


Pig farrowing crate is also called pig farrowing house or pig farrowing fence. A pig farrowing crate includes sow locating frame, piglet fence, piglet incubator, manure dropping floor, trough for sow and supplementary feeding trough for piglet, etc. The locating frame is used for control the free range of sow’s movement. There’re bars between each locating frame, in order to avoid being run over of the piglet.

Supporting Facility of Pig Farrowing House

1. The support beam of farrowing house and floor for sow adopts nodular cast iron. The floor for piglets adopts plastic leaky board, extremely satisfying the need of sow and piglets.
2. The support of the farrowing crate frame adopts hot galvanizing technology, which are sturdy and durable, anti-fading & anti-corrosion.
3. The whole set are assembled by bolts, which are easy and convenient to dismantle. We also have incubator, heating lamp, water trough for sow & piglets, feeding trough for piglet for customer to choose.

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